4 thoughts on “AppsFire Pivots, Uses Twitter to Find Hot Mobile Apps”

  1. We’ve (AppsMarketing) have been following the story closely and it’s good to see that things have played out in a positive direction. Good work Ouriel and the team! We’ll be glad to work with you guys soon!

  2. Gotta hand it to Ouriel – he’s a fantastic promoter. His “new” AppTrends feature bears a striking resemblance to an offering AppStoreHQ delivered last October (http://blog.appstorehq.com/post/226977425/twitter-is-hot-iphone-apps-on-twitter-are-hottest/), and credit for the original idea is due to Hype Machine (http://blog.hypem.com/2009/07/twitter-music-chart/). On the larger topic of app discovery, you’re absolutely right that Android is the larger opportunity, which is why AppStore offers ranking and discovery for that platform in addition to iPhone and iPad…

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