3 thoughts on “Are New Video Networks In Trouble?”

  1. It seems to me that Revision 3 is doing the sensible thing that a long list of tech companies are doing and it shouldn’t really be newsworthy at this point that any one company is doing it — re-evaluating projects based on changed market conditions.

    As the Sequoia slides so succinctly explained, sometimes you go for market share and sometimes you go for capital preservation. Revision 3 is doing the smart thing and reacting to the current reality — we have rapidly moved from a market share game to a capital preservation game in the high tech startup world. Kent is entirely wrong — it is not about saying Rev3 “can’t make it” but is instead about saying Rev3 is playing the game according to the new rules.

    Look at it this way — Real GDP is going to fall in 2009 and ad spend as a percentage of GDP is going to fall – this double whammy is going to knock a huge hole in US advertising spending — including new media spending on things like Rev3. Two choices if you are a new media company, diversify away from ad spend or shrink to conserve cash and see if you can weather the bad 12-18 months we have coming.

  2. The silver lining in this whole thing might be to focus innovation on new business models, ones that actually work. More interesting, it may come from those who’ve been layed off.

  3. Mark,

    I think what you’ve wrote is spot on. If we define the various “webs” through the lens of the business structure, web 1.0 was all about innovation, web 2.0 was all about innovation + small costs/team, hopefully web 3.0 can finally take all of those and be about making money.

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