22 thoughts on “Finally Truphone for Blackberry Is Ready”

  1. truphone will NEVER be a major player in the US until they reduce their prices. Truphone is aimed at the euro traveller dealing with roaming in Europe. Good market. But their international calling rates are the same as AT&T / Verizon. Slightly cheaper than T-mobile and don’t know about Sprint. Truphone can save you money on roaming while in Europe — but that is a much smaller market than Europeans traveling within Europe.

    $5 a month for unlimited international calling would accelerate them in the US, but they won’t do it.

    it’s a shame because I pay $2.50 a month to VOIPBUSTERS for unlimited calling to Europe, and I would be willing to pay twice that for Truphone’s much nicer customer service and interface. However, there also need to be an option to turn truphone off — on my Nokia battery life went up by 5x when I removed the truphone settings.

  2. I don’t think it is doing voip straight from the phone, it is doing probably in the backend. Technically not different from a callback service. Some more truth in reporting please..

  3. Truphone Anywhere, the application now released for the blackberry, is one of the features I use most often on my nokia E65. As most owners of smartphones have huge minute bundles anyway, the bundle is almost the same as the WiFi: The leg into the IP cloud is essentially free! (Voice quality and coolness factor on WiFi is much higher, though)

    90% of my phone bill used to be international calls, which truphone reduced by at least 90%, saving me hundreds of pounds monthly. Sure, I could have used Skype or other methods – but truth is: I did not want to change my normal behaviour of simply-dialing-from-the-address-book.

    A more holistic analysis can be found on our blog at http://www.straubventures.com (as we are not only fans, but also supporters of the business).


  4. How can the application “know” if the GSM calls are cheaper than the Truphone service?
    after all, every one has a different deal from the operator..

  5. najeeb is right! When I dial a long distance number, it asks me if I want to use truphone or GSM. I choose Truphone and the call goes through GSM to the TruPhone service and then they dial the long distance number. It’s back end processing!!! I never would have figured that on my own. I’m glad I found this site!

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