3 thoughts on “Aruba dreams of an IPO”

  1. By the numbers, Aruba should be a good candidate for a public company, but I don’t know if Wall Street has any stomach for a player with such a narrow focus. There is also the related lingering question of why Aruba hasn’t been bought by a big infrastructure player, if they are so great? I guess I’d like to hear what Aruba would do with the money raised from an IPO. If they have a good strategy for spending the money, why not go public?

  2. The notion that young companies with hot technology should necessarily be acquisition candidates for big companies (and, if not, they must not have hot technology) is somewhat dated. Most, but not all, recent M&A activity has been big buying big and is all about reducing underlying cost, not fueling growth. Cisco remains the exception but they obviously have little use for Aruba.

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