4 thoughts on “Juniper Invests in Trapeze Networks”

  1. …because Synergy doesn’t aggregate Nortel, 3Com and other Trapeze OEMS. If they did, Aruba may find that #3 hard to claim.

  2. john,

    while that might be the case, i think aruba share is up 21%, which is nothing to sneeze at, even if we assume terrible first quarter 2006. the “squeezed” claim seems a bit stretched… don’t you think?

  3. I wonder if Juniper’s investment in Trapeze is symbolic or something beyond that. Meru arguably has a clean technology base and thus may be easier to integrate. Most of Trapeze ‘wow’ is in their mgmt solution. If WLAN was a market that was causing huge strategic problems for Juniper, Meru would have provided a good enough solution. Even further back NetScreen had a strong partnership with Colubris that could have been tapped into.

    However, if Juniper expands into switching, WLAN may become tablestakes for them; and at that point leveraging what Trapeze has done with their other OEMs could come handy.

    For Trapeze per se, given the amount they have raised I’m not sure what kind of exit, if any at all, will they be able to muster.

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