7 thoughts on “As Angel Investing Booms, So Does the AngelList”

  1. Angellist is a great idea and anything and listing areas of experience for funding is a winner. I have looked myself and it’s hard to choose who to pitch sometimes and this should make it much clearer.

    Also is the app of the day an advert? because it’s not correct there are loads of options to getting business cards into a digital format, cloudcontacts.com comes to mind as they were the first I saw doing this.

    1. App of the day is my editorial pick– an app I like and recommend. It doesn’t matter who did it first or how many rivals it has. I just have to find it useful 🙂

  2. To tell the truth, I don’t understand those who blame AlgelList creators for “causing this angel feeding frenzy”.
    I think it is a great tool to connect those who has money and wants to make the right investment and those who has ideas but needs money for their implementation. I guess AngelList’s popularity will raise each day – it’s a really great opportunity for both sides.

  3. angel list has been a wonderful resource for many entrepreneurs and a frustrating one for some — its a great tool i agree. for getting past the pesky ‘due diligence’ hurdle, how about a quora style commentrank system that would/should quickly surface quality opportunities. its not quite the way angels have operated in the past but with a view to removing friction from the process and connecting money to entrepreneurs, such stackranking could bring the collective insight in to play and can be useful for entrepreneurs as brutally honest feedback if not funding.

  4. AngelList is a great group of investors and a wonderful opportunity for entrepreneurs. But, they are just one of many avenues for startups to find funding. Over 20,000 startups are receiving their first round of investment from angels every year in the US. Only a fraction of angel investors join angel groups, but we now have active angel organizations in every state in this great nation!

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