3 thoughts on “IndexTank, a Hosted Search Startup Launches”

  1. Still leaves the main question unanswered:

    Is Information density proportional to data density?

    For example Company X announces new product y at show z. Now Techcrunch reports first on y which I read. Gigaom has its own story some time later. What is the information value of the gigaom article?


    How to build a brick wall:
    Stack bricks on top of each other
    Put mortar between bricks

    Now Google seems to think that’s a great article if there are a lot of inbound links. Happily ranking it higher if I provide some freshness,create a new article after a while:

    How to build a brick wall the ultimate version:
    Go to Homedepot
    buy bricks
    put bricks on top of each other
    add mortar between bricks

    More data better?

  2. @ronald this is a good point. I was thinking along the lines of propensity for data – iow, what I’m looking for as search gets personalized – info from my own smaller circle or a larger cast? Doesn’t the latter usu result in receiving diluted data anyway?

  3. I think that indextank, is one of the best las products , more than better. It´s different and thiks by a brillant mind.

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