22 thoughts on “Guess Who’s in Love Again?”

  1. Welcome back.

    It’s amazing how much of a difference being able to make and take a bloody phone call can make in the mobile phone experience.

    Listening AT$T?

  2. Hey Om,

    I too picked up the new VZ iPhone 4 and love it. Upgraded from Droid (VZ gave me a sweet upgrade deal). iPhone is clearly the best phone there is right now and I’m more than happy.


  3. Om, I have found a pleasant replacement to BBM, on the iPhone. Whatsapp. Look it up on iTunes. I have no connection to them, other than being astounded that an instant chat/photo/GPS client now exists on iPhone, Blackberry, and more.

    And also: I patiently await UPS with my own beloved iPhone 4 on big red.


  4. So you were using the iPhone with the Google Voice app? I’ve been debating the switch to Google Voice (and dropping my SMS package) but wasn’t sure how the GV experience worked on an iPhone 4.

  5. I’m with you on the CDMA roaming issues. I can see two main solutions, since I’m also a Verizon/Google Voice user who travels internationally sometimes. Right now, my BlackBerry roams on GSM, but my next phone might not…

    The first thought is to get a GSM phone with an international roaming SIM and a US number. Telestial and a few other companies carry these as “traveler” SIMs. Add the phone number to Google Voice and you should be good to go. GV doesn’t allow you to forward to international phone numbers yet, but that would potentially be an even better option. Local SIMs get better call rates, data rates, etc.

    The second thought is to love the phone you have now, and get the new iPhone this summer. From what I’ve read, there shouldn’t be any reason that the new iPhone for Verizon doesn’t get the GSM/CDMA chipset fully enabled. In which case, there’s a high likelihood that Verizon will also offer a global data plan, which in my opinion is the best deal in wireless. I traveled in China for two weeks last year w/ my BB, had full data access, and it cost me $8. ($15/mo. prorated.)

  6. > I can safely declare, this is how the iPhone was meant to be. No dropped calls, decent Internet connectivity (1.2 Mbps to 1.4 Mbps) and SMS messages that show up without any delay.

    Ahem, quit being so insular. The iPhone device has always behaved, and does behave, this way or better. That is; absolutely stellar.

    I use Telstra in Australia, Melbourne. And get far better data speeds (~ 5.5 Mbps).

    If you have something to whine about, whine directly about AT&T. Leave the devices out of it, or drag them _all_ in.

    p.s. Also, no stupid $ for that, oh! so advanced ‘Tethering’ thingy. And unlocked too (no fee). Used with 3 Mobile in Ireland for rural 3G.

  7. sometimes our dream from technology not becoming true. Many services calculate about profit but they not give what should they give to costumer

  8. My wife recently upgrader her 3gs to a 4. This allowed me a chance to play with an iphone after almost a year of using the nexus one. Truth be told, it is still slick but I found it very “suffocating” even though it is running the latest iOS.
    I dont think i can live without the android back button any more.

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