13 thoughts on “Silicon Valley: The Land of Confusion”

  1. Om,

    The best way to get notifications is to install Google’s own app and turn on notifications. Just don’t open the app from a notification. When you get one, open GV Connect instead. I leave the GV Connect app where I can easily get to it and the Google app out of sight, where it keeps on pumping out the notifications for me. Like any other app with notifications, you don’t need to leave it open to get them.

    Looking forward to your e-mails.



  2. All I can say is thanks for nothing, got that d*mn Genesis song and the claymation video going through my head all day. One more like that and I will DM you Journey lyrics all day long.

  3. I would love to hear why you like GV Connect better than GV Mobile + and Google’s own solution.

    I have all three and I find the cluttered and totally unbalanced interface (I am referring to the non uniform button sizes and graphics and over abundance of unneeded buttons in out of place locations) of GV Connect a huge turn off. The only thing I like about GV Connect, that the others do not have, is the “notes” feature, which is why I installed it in the first place. I soon realized that I never use that feature though.

  4. Really looking forward to this! Your analysis is always unusually insightful and demonstrates that you’ve actually spent time in Silicon Valley.

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