One thought on “Uber All Set To Pick Up New VC Money”

  1. Big valuation for a company still mainly just operating in San Francisco – would love that money! If you are in the UK and a driver then we have a similar app available for you to use to make money – its called TaxiZapp – you can register at and download the drivers app – then start telling your passengers that its in the area.

    Passengers can download the app now from the app store – in a couple of weeks can book direct from the website – other smartphone versions on the way. We are currently building our driver network but have taxis at the moment in London – Liverpool and Northern Ireland – these are genuine licensed Taxis in GB (Public Hire) The app will work anywhere in the world but as yet we are concentrating on the UK.

    As a passenger if you want this in your area – then start spreading the word to your local taxi drivers – follow us on facebook http://www.facebook/taxizapp and on twitter @taxizapp

    The app has lots of cool features including:
    – picks up your location by GPS
    – you can see drivers around you
    – for safety you get all drivers details sent to you – you can forward these to someone else by email
    – you watch the driver approach on the map (you get estimation of how long they will be)
    – you can rank the driver give them feedback and send message to facebook and twitter

    constructive feedback welcome!

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