4 thoughts on “As clouds multiply, ComputeNext, a cloud marketplace, emerges”

  1. This company is facing a big challenge. It’s one thing to create a marketplace for cloud services which, by the way is no small effort. But, it’s a different one to go the next step and make API’s into PaaS and IaaS provider clouds.

    1. Amen to that. I think it is one of the reasons we thought it was a great candidate for the launchpad because they were taking on a big big challenge and trying to overcome it.

  2. At Newvem we see everyday from usage data of our users that customers can benefit from more refined choices of resources than what Amazon offers to meet their elastic demands… if they had these choices and painless access this would optimize their usage, and benefit Amazon as well as it does today with complimentary offerings to wha they provide…. Newvem is rooting for Computenext to be such a special need provider and see a real need for such a service…

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