9 thoughts on “Touched by greatness: The iPhone years”

  1. I wrote to Steve sometime just after OS X launched, saying that a mobile version of the OS would be great for one reason — NextStep development tools. The entire mobile industry was driven by the telecoms, only one of which seemed to get it — DoCoMo. The US was a mobile wasteland as people like Russell Beattie described.

    My life under Apple has been tortured, since they would not allow some of our technology. But, there is really no other world yet. My iPhone 1.0 is still in my closet. I now design mobile e-commerce apps, and cannot complain about salary. All was not lost.

    I thought Android would catch up by the summer of 2009. I thought that Google would be the first with more sophisticated voice search. This much I believe, the next phase is going to be a highly person interface. Even Apple is at risk if something interesting emerges, outside of Android. And, the cloud is going to be mobile. Whoever wins there, wins most of everything. This is why I don’t believe Samsung to be a real threat.

    Thank goodness for interesting times! The last five years have been crazy…

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    When I went to get my iPhone, I knew the color and size I wanted. Being an informed consumer, I’d done my research, and it was a no-brainer. In my case (and I’ve heard of others), the Verizon customer service reps tried to convince me that I wanted something on the 4G network, and while I’m sure that came from corporate, my life has been changed for the better. Happy Birthday iPhone, and Steve Jobs, the world is a less magical place without you.

  3. Indeed, its amazing that a derivative of Unix and NeXTSTEP is running the iPhone. What’s really cool is that Tim Berners-Lee designed the world’s first web app on a NeXT Cube!

  4. Only if you can afford it. For many of us, the smartphone will remain out of reach until service prices get lower. That many never happen.

  5. Om, I discovered you when I was watching a N-series presentation that you took over from the host. Your personality was just too big for those guys. I remember you telling them that you were excited to see what Apple would come out with. Do you remember this?

    1. Damn, you are bringing back memories now. I still love Nokia – well I did till they started totally screwing it all up. I think MeeGo was the way for them to go. Oh well.

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    And another good one to re-blog. Covers a very critical point that I didn’t touch on much. Another aspect about control – for these mobile computing devices (yes phones) is touch. And that’s something that Apple got so right with the iPhone.

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