8 thoughts on “As FiOS Zooms, Time Warner Scrambles to Launch Wideband Service”

  1. And will probaby never be launched in areas like Rochester where they don’t have competition. They’d rather impose egregious heavy usage fees on us, than provide us with a competitively priced broadband plan.

  2. Please excuse my ignorance, but what exactly does “downstream” speed indicate? Does it directly correlate to speeds that I would experience at my router?
    I have been very suspect of the term. I have assumed it was a marketing term with no connection to real world experiences.


    1. Yes, downstream (think of download) is from the Internet to you and upstream (upload) is from you to the Internet. In the distant past, Cable TV networks were one-way services; broadcasting the same signals from their headend to each subscriber. When they started adding two-way services, such as Video on Demand, data and phone, the plant became two-way and the terminology downstream and upstream.

      The advertised downstream speed will depend on many things and isn’t always achieved; as is the case in many shared networks. However, I have found that my speeds on Comcast typically exceed the published specs.

  3. So far it is a nightmare upgrading. My modem doesn’t support Wideband and they need to come swap out the modems. $40 service fee for that… What the hell? I miss Verizon FioS in my old area. Sigh TWC = FAIL

    1. Hahaha what do you expect? The service itself is actually capable because of a DOCSIS modem. You have to swap the modem out to get the faster speed.

      1. You shouldn’t have to pay extra to get it anyway. TWC would rather charge you the $40 service fee then to walk into the store and pick up your modem and plug it in yourself.

  4. Turns out TW was exaggerating their Manhattan coverage. Today I learned that I can not get the service although I’m in the central village. Of course, they omit this tidbit in all their PR.

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