7 thoughts on “Dopplr Commits Hara-kiri, Sells to Nokia”

  1. By platform, are you talking about their operating systems? I agree that S60 is long in the tooth, even with the Symbian Foundation revamping. Maemo’s a bit of a different story though, as it is pretty robust and was built with mobile Internet connectivity in mind.

    1. Ohhjohnny (nice moniker)

      I do mean S60. I think the Maemo isn’t going to arrive soon enough and by the time it does, Nokia will be left scrambling for developer attention which is quickly shifting to Apple, Google, RIM and others.

      Sorry for not making that clear in my post.

  2. S60 has always been a bit of a mess. Symbian^4 with Qt is supposed to save S60, but we’ll see. It’s that or Maemo anyway. The latter is there already and building up a better and more coherent developer community than S60 ever had, but Nokia are only throwing that at mobile computer devices. Tablets and the like.

    Maemo could be considered the backup plan, but for mobiles they would need to throw a lot more power into the handsets for it. That’s Nokia’s strength and weakness. The ability to mass produce low power handsets and run a full OS on it and only S60 is designed for such low requirements (well S40 also, which still is popular amongst the less ‘smart’ but extremely popular ranges).

    Dopplr, if they use it right it could be an asset, but they have a habit of just absorbing these companies and not really doing much with them, or alternatively reinventing the wheel and snuffing out the original (see Widsets). But then, acquisitions are often these days more about IP and/or customers than the product.

  3. speaking of nokia, why in the hell do they put a resistive touch in the n900? its already a $600 phone. i really dont care if its $30 more for capacitive.

  4. As a Finn I can say that Nokia has no ability to work with the software. User experience of platform as well all software is something I wouldn’t dare to offer Any of my customers.

    Why Google gives u better experience ? And their spftware is free for you.. Google services aren’t perfect but far beyond Nokias. Nokia makes all pretty, but without content and simplicity. AND they try to cash you.

    Give us simplicity and functionality. Do not try to capitalize everything. Make it better than all other players or not at all.

    Good example is the lack of touch screen. Why on earth they are not doing phones that are better than any other in the market?

    A) they can’t
    B) they imagine that they can afford to it (to make x-number incrementally improved generations (They don’t have btw.))

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