9 thoughts on “Google Launches Sidewiki — More Like a Universal Commenting System”

  1. interesting concept — not sure how this will plugin to existing sites with comments… will they give you an api to call to and suck the comments back out? or will they give you something to put on the page to push the comments to the sidebar

  2. Are you guys nuts to call this interesting concept? This concept has been tried by a lot of guys earlier and has not been successful. So, what is Google doing new in this area?
    The fact remains that you need Google Toolbar to comment and see the annotations (correct me if I am wrong). I for one do not have GToolbar installed and am not going to install one, just for this feature.

  3. I think others have failed for the same reason this project may. To much effort is required by people who either wont know this feature exist or wont understand how to use it.

    Lots of average users will just look for this type of feedback on the site itself or other forums geared toward feedback and reviews of a site.

  4. Google grabbed idea http://yousticker.com
    YouSticker.com – it’s social utility tool for commenting everything everywhere on the web
    Without toolbar and support all browsers!
    Have support signup from twitter, google, openid account
    Crosspost in your twitter
    Have followers, following, groups, privacy

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