7 thoughts on “As JC Penney and Ron Johnson just learned, it is always about the team”

  1. I think you want to say “magic bullet.” Silver bullets are both what kill werewolves and what The Lone Ranger uses.

    The Magic Bullet is a term from a German immunologist in the early 1900’s (also what the idiotic Arlen Spector said got Kennedy and Connally) and is the context you are looking for.

  2. If Apple wants moRon back – TAKE HIM! Apple was all he ever talked about… Steve Jobs being a not distant second. So he’s all yours Cupertino – and we hope to never see him around here ever again.

  3. You’ve got to risk big, to win big. I give the guy credit for having the nads to take the risk…and I suspect he’s smarter and savvier because of it.

  4. Apple Retail ain’t “real” retail which is all about low margins, thousands of cut-throat competitors, hundreds of suppliers to manage with their thousands of ever-changing product life-cycles, and low paid and unmotivated staff. And that’s before you even get to address the sexy buzz terms like “new concept” or “redefine the brand”. Many of us knew it was going to fail as soon as his appointment was announced.

  5. Luck? I am not convinced. Timing, marketplace concerns (expressed or invented), marketplace listening, story invented addressing concerns and told into that listening, AND team to do this. That I think is “Luck.”


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