9 thoughts on “HTC First (and my last) with Facebook Home”

      1. Extra clever too, using the -i version to subtly communicate his super-grownup assessment that apple users are somehow less masculine than he. What a clever boy!

  1. Om,

    As some on who fears the “menacing dark shadow” that facebook casts, I would really like to hear your take on AT&Ts Adworks Lab products, as well any insight any insights you have into their partnership with Mastercard.

  2. Who’s paying for the bandwidth those ads are going to consume? I may be stupid enough to pay AT&T for service but why would I ever want to pay for advertising that counts against my monthly data cap? I thought we were moving beyond the cable company conundrum; I’m paying for cable television service but yet I’m still forced to watch 16 minutes of advertising for every 44 minutes of programming. For some silly reason I don’t think FaceBook “Home” advertising is going to be a simple “banner” ad. The sticky, rich multimedia experience that will be the ad experience of FaceBook Home is going to be a life-sucking battery-killing minute of my life I plan on skipping…To continue using your phone, please watch the following advertisement from one of our partners…

    1. Every 5th or 10th pic on the homepage is a stealthy ad, with extra buttons to skip after 5 seconds or to go to the good/service advertised. Youll find the ads are high quality photos, that feature items that are liked or searched on facebook. Similar to the ad structure on Flipboard.

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