12 thoughts on “Asia Dominates Top 100 Fastest Internet Cities List”

  1. Damn, not 1 Indian city in this list. I so so hope that none of the IP’s in India are connected to the akamai network and hence they are not showing up in these charts 😀

    1. @Kiran u can hope but reality is that Akamai has a node in Mumbai, and most of the popular content, matrimony and job websites use Akamai to serve content to millions of Indian Internet Users.

      We have a lot of catching up to do in Infrastructure hope next time around we see an Indian City considering India has the fastest growing net userbase in the world

  2. Interesting to see not a sinlg city in India on the list. Just proves that infrastructure developmnent in India not a priority but just talk and no action by the Indian government?

  3. Sanjay, Kiran,

    While the current situation is certainly sad it is by no means impossible to get out of this rut. India is in the midst of rapidly declining bandwidth prices. Price discrimination rampant in the bandwidth marketplace in India hides this fact for a while.


    Co-founder E2E Networks Private Limited
    Bringing hosting back to India one server at a time

  4. I appreciate the statistics, but the title is a little bit “forced”. I mean Asia is a huge geographical area, and if you would have a proportion between high developed (from communication, Internet and so on point of view) areas and the poor ones, than this ratio will surprise anyone. I had to deal with location in Asia when 1Mbps was considered a huge challenge.
    I hope you understand my point. It’s like in a football team. If you have 3 players which are the best in the world, that doesn’t make the team itself one of the top.

  5. Not a mention of India? America has broadband through Washington DC – Virginia and Panama – Columbia alone that defies literal description yet Akamai could never touch that in an analysis. No mention of Russia – Ukraine? How much can the global expertise of Akamai be taken seriously? Everyone needs to get their act together if you put it like that, and that always means the strong get stronger.

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