11 thoughts on “Intel Close to Buying Infineon's Wireless Chip Biz”

  1. Half of this article is BS and speculation. Can you please quote some real market expert in this area which would make sense to this kind of topic. Is that too much to ask?

    Oh wait, the modern world enjoys sheep speculations and lack of facts so much.

  2. Can you tell me what is wrong with the this article and what is speculation? It is easy to throw allegations from behind the “anonymous” mask as well.

    1. “After all, Infineon has baseband chips (the radios) and the customer base, and Intel has the application processors”. Whether Intel manages to retain the current Infineon customer base after acquision is the key to Intel’s success.

  3. No offence OM. I have a problem with Infineon’s rumors off late. Even last week it was linked with Samsung and some unknown Russian equity. I think some people are taking advantage of these rumors to move the stock. That’s my problem.

    As a respected journo, I expect you to verify some facts before publishing some sensational headlines.

    1. “Intel has a contract to acquire the wireless division of German chip maker, Infineon, according to brokerage Rodman & Renshaw’s Ashok Kumar, who said so in a note to his clients today”

      Om is simply pointing out an analyst note, clearly IDing him and adding his expert comments. If you disagree, its your prerogative. Why do you assume and how do you know that he hasnt verified?? You are accusing him of something with no facts.

  4. Om, I think your article is missing a key player, which is Samsung. Samsung chips power the Galaxy S and iPhone, going forward, Snapdragon, OMAP and the Samsung hummingbird SOCs are going to be major players int the smartphone/tablet game, IMO. X86 is way too power hungry.

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