9 thoughts on “AT&T Changes its 'Terms of Service'”

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  2. This is the same PR guy who got everyone to write stories LAST week about how “AT&T’s ToS don’t mean they’ll cut you off for criticizing them” when in fact, that’s EXACTLY what they said.

    Now he’s reaching out to bloggers to try to get us to say, essentially, AT&T has changed its ToS, when they have done nothing of the sort. As far as I can tell, AT&T’s action on this to date has consisted of telling a PR person to tell bloggers that at some nonspecified point in the future they will revise the language to say something else, but no one knows what. This is a far, far cry from “AT&T changes its terms of service.”

    That’s what I told the same PR guy when he emailed me.

  3. Now this is excellent news. Even a leviathan-level corporation like AT&T is vulnerable to the court of public opinion, and they must be realizing how much more scrutiny is leveled at the business practices of telecoms thanks to the proliferation of tech-savvy readers on the ‘Net.

    Of course, nothing’s stopping them from canceling customers’ service anyway, TOS be damned. So it’s important to stay vigilant.

  4. Cory,

    While the actual change hasn’t happened, that they are listening to the bloggers is big news. of course, if they don’t change the language we are going to be proactive about that, and start putting pressure on them.

    it is a twin edged sword and they know the risks of saying something and not following up. i pretty much let the spokesperson know that.

  5. Listening to bloggers – that’s good news – but does anyone ever think AT&T could behave in a way that garners trust from the public?

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