9 thoughts on “Facebook 'Grants' Devotees a Disappointment”

  1. I miss the point of the post!! Its know that facebook is filthy rich and is a startup and headstrong.

    Mistakes happen and they will go on … Common even Apple, Microsoft and Google have PR goof ups. FB has been clear from the begining – play by our rules.

    And are bold enough to say we will learn from mistakes. So, what are you saying?

  2. I don’t get it.. It doesn’t sound like Facebook ignored the AG’s complaints at all. They ignored complaints from undercover investigators – probably because they were undercover and seemed like nobodies.

    And, underage can be as old as 16-17 years old, depending on the state. Think about the kind of sexuality that is impressed upon (and accepted by) 17 year old girls, seniors in High School …

    I’m not saying it’s good, but I’d guess that by the age of 14 or so, these kids are well-versed in sexuality, and it’s – as always – probably not Facebook’s #1 priority to police its users.

    You’re right of course that they would eventually need to do something… So I’m not sure what my argument is here. I guess, just, that it doesn’t sound like they ignored an AG. They ignored random complaints.

  3. agreed, they kinda screwed the pooch on that one last week. not a terrible misstep if they clean it up quickly & get their act together though.

    might make more sense for Mark & Chamath to not be involved in investment review, since it sounds like the issue was legal concerns over IP infringement. probably easier for them to either own it exclusively, or make it arm’s length & let Accel & FF handle it; tough to try & straddle it.

    but in any case, pretty small problem on the overall scale of things. they’ve got a lot bigger fish to fry right now.

    (and you’re right, we do like it as much as a Furby 😉

  4. This is intellectual property 101 for a major law firm with deep roots in Silicon Valley.

    So where were the experienced “board members” in all of this.

    Can’t lay the blame solely on the management team…they need those seasoned advisers to help them escape those pitfalls.

  5. This was a big misstep for sure. I actually discussed these Intellectual Property issues with some people when the fund was announced.

    I thought there were risks that facebook was exposing itself to with this fund and having developers submit ideas.

    Live and learn and pick yourself up. That is the mark of a smart company. They will make mistakes for sure, let’s just hope they learn from this one.

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