3 thoughts on “AT&T, SBC about to shake hands”

  1. Om,

    You’ve nailed. This deal is a sleeper and a huge win for SBC. To naysayers, I say just wait and watch.

    As for Mr Atkinson, just say NO to two-bit worthless analysis. 1984 was not the end of ATT.

    The end of ATT was when they spunout ATT Wireless.

    Now I admit my memory suffers from enthropy, but I do believe the ATT boys were greedy little bastards and took that investment from Docomo against the interest of shareholders.

    So ATT sold wireless way too early and bought MSO/coax near the top.

    What killed ATT was not a decision by a judge two decades ago, what killed ATT was braindamaged management (aka Mike Armstrong!!!) without a realistic vision, aided and abetted by a bevy of investment bankers.

    So what happened to ATT is what should happen to them. Previous mgt ruined this company, and I think the current CEO is getting the best deal he could.

    PSSSSS. I think Yahoo could benefit also because they have a great relationship with SBC. Why can’t they leverage that into deeper corporate relationships?

  2. The end of AT&T is in their lying to customers about fees and rates. They pulled a bate and switch on me, promised one rate and then raised it the same month, billed for services I didn’t even receive (50 dollars for those). I will definately be using newer, alternative ways of talking to “friends and family”

  3. AT&T is lying to customers . When we called and complained they gave us a more expensive plan.but they don’t tell you its a new contract and costs more.I wanted a cheaper phone so I downgraded without call waiting and forwarding etc. It cost me more. On my internet I CALLED BECAUSE IT WAS TO SLOW. THEY UPGRADED TO ELITE. DIDN’T SAY IT COST MORE AND WOULD BE A NEW CONTRACT.I CALLED TO DISCONTINUE SERVICE AND WAS TOLD IT WILL BE $99.00 EARLY DISCONECT.I HAVE HAD SBC SINCE 2005.
    AT&T stinks.

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