4 thoughts on “Picasa, like iPhoto for Windows”

  1. WordPress supports the blogger API… not sure if you can add in the xmlrpc path for your WP install, but if you can you can post to any WP blog like blogger. You just don’t get titles which is a limitation of the Blogger API.

  2. Just to make things really confusing, my blog, to which Om has been kind enough to refer, no longer uses Haloscan. The blog includes a post about why I switched to Blogger’s own commenting system, and a post about how I now trackback.

  3. I couldn’t believe that the iPhoto requires a 3rd party software program to upload photos. Apple has come up with a really nice product here, but had a marketing relapse that led to their failure to capture the market 20 years ago.

    I agree, they need to play well together. I’m sure Adobe is enjoying the extra sales because their software does work with iPhoto, but the customer gets really disappointed.

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