2 thoughts on “Attack of the Mobile Broadband Gateways”

  1. …it remains to be seen who will be successful in aquireing licenses for WiMAX. In Switzerland, where I live, the Swiss OFCOM might auction the licenses and we all know who has the deepest pockets… My guess is that mobile carriers will simply try everything to control every frequency spectrum possible so that competition can not arise. With all the recent investment in 3G and the likelihood of the introduction of HSPDA I would not bet that WiMAX will become available on a broad basis within a reasonable timeframe after the products are available on the market…

  2. i agree with you – the mobile operators will have to figure out a way to control the spectrum or their billions will go down the drain, and the wimax is unlikely to be available till 2007 and they have up until then to figure out what to do and where in the food chain to set up check points

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