3 thoughts on “CE is not that easy”

  1. I completely concur on this point. The quality and user experience have taken a backseat in the rush to get to market. And most technologists I know don’t know a thing about doing a consumer product – they are so caught up in the coolness of a technology as well as cramping in features after features. Even Palm has done the same mistake – in recent times with Treo 650, the product wasn’t simply ready for primetime.

  2. explain why you think treo 650 wasn’t ready for prime time? i am interested in learning. I had the same sneaking suspicion that it was rushed to the market. but that’s just me.

  3. I have had a handful of people ( and most of them avid Palm fans) having trouble with those devices and some of them even returned the devices – mostly the problems seem to be around telephony and SDIO. In my view, a lot more carrier and user testing should have been done. Treo650 was just an evolutionary product, and we shouldn’t have to expect those kind of problems.

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