6 thoughts on “Aydin Senkut Raises Early Stage Fund”

  1. Om: did he raise 40m or has a fund that will be 40m. Some superangels like Dave McClure have only announced fund size amounts but don’t have any money or very little raised.

  2. No homeruns yet? This fund should be able to find a billion dollar exit. All it takes is one good vc talent scout. Lotta vc money chasing maybe 5-10 potentially game changing web/mobile startups. To capture a billion dollar market will definitely require a game changer.

  3. Having two exits under my belt as CEO or senior executive, now a founder, I would be reluctant to take money from any person that hasn’t walked in my shoes. That means being CEO of a company when that company has a highly successful exit.

    I know it’s a tough bar but it’s want I now demand. Other founders should, too.

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