17 thoughts on “Twitter Goes Mobile on the Weekend”

  1. Very interesting.
    Given that Twitter is growing globally and people seem as comfortable with the service on PCs and smartphones, the future sure looks bright.

    IPO when;-)

  2. These is really great! I usually twitter in my mobile and there’s no difference between PC’s usage and mobile usage of mobile. As long as the internet is fast twitter and other social networking site are the best in mobile phones.

  3. Not surprised at all by any of these stats but it’s nice to see all of our intuitions quantified. Does anyone know what time zone this chart aligns to?

    1. Joseph, I was wondering the same thing. After reading more carefully, my guess is EST. The company is New York City based.

  4. We had a few questions regarding the timezone of the graph and whether we mapped clicks to the time in their respective zones.

    1) All times are Eastern
    2) We did not normalize clicks to the times in their respective zones. The main reason that we did not do this is due to the way SocialFlow looks at tweets. Ultimately, when you send a tweet, it will go to all of your followers at the same time, regardless of what timezone they are in. We therefore felt it was appropriate to lump all the timezones into one.
    3) As the client writes English-language articles, the majority of the client’s readers are likely clicking from US timezones.
    4) The general trends, i.e. weekend higher than weekday, night higher than day, still hold even without accounting for the aggregation of timezones.

  5. Wish there was one sign on code number. ID and password in one
    six digit line. Mobile phone sign in is a pain!! Can you guys
    work on that issue? Other the that, Love to mobile tweet!!

  6. Ofcourse it is! Beceause the main part of the people are free in their weekend, and can’t tweet after their work computers, en are going to do some activities. :/

  7. Hi Mr. Malik,
    I’m from Italy,Rome City.
    I’m completely agreed with you when you say that Twitter could jump on mobile devices.
    First of all because during the working days ( as for me) the connection to Twitter is filtered for reason that you can understand. So if I had a mobile devices (with a reasonable costs of connection) I can randomly use twitter from where I work.
    In the second instance,use twitter during the weekend on mobile is great because I can stay in touch with my friends/followers at anytime and everywhere. And over, for me it is very important to get plans on Friday with my friends to organize the entire weekend.
    Having saying this it’s really good idea for us (client ) and for twitter to.

  8. Its because you get a couple drinks in you, hit the bar and start tweeting about all the stupid people encroaching upon your air space. Twitter is like a Catholic confession booth, you can say whatever you want and the drunkards sitting next to you will never know about it.

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