11 thoughts on “BBC launches iPlayer”

  1. The ‘i” stands for “I, the BBC license payer, paid for this, and now you’re telling me it only works on Windows?”

    Not that I’ve had a TC license in years…

  2. I totally agree with Mark – it’s a bit of a liberty to spend licence fee money on this, then restrict access to XP users only. Fair enough they say they’ll offer Mac support in future, but what about support for my iPod, my Sony Ericsson phone and my Apple TV?

    And if they’re so keen on DRM to protect their content from being copied, why do they broadcast PDC signals with their content, effectively allowing perfect ‘rips’ of programmes to DVRs?

    The rant continues…

  3. I completely agree. This player has no future. It’s just evil. A huge wast of british tax payer money. As an american I’m confident it will just die and go away, but if I were a british citizen I’d be pissed. Hasn’t the BBC learned anything from dealing with Real? It’s unconsionable to reprive citizens who can’t afford or don’t have Win XP of public programming… a step backwards on the digital divide rather than a step forward.

  4. oh boo hoo, to all the whiners above…bbc came out with something that is useful and wanted…and will be immediately usable by the majority of users out there (ie windows). they will then come out with a mac version.

    when mac rules the roost (and it may very well some day), this will be flipped around, and you’ll be happy as clams

  5. bittorrent works much better to get BBC programs. its cross platform, international, and free. now if bbc.co.uk, became a big bittorrent tracker it would have been kick ass, AND been much more efficient for tax payer dollars

  6. Re beng: if you think this is merely whining about there not being a mac version you’re clueless. What about it being playable on linux. What about it being playable on my AppleTV, what about my iPod, what about my Zune, my Archos media player, my Tivo, my Akimbo set top box.

    This format may one day come to the mac, probably in some crappy, buggy and primitive way as Microsoft is known to support the mac platform… but it will never play on the 99.99% of devices mentioned above, it will never play on ubuntu, debian, or any flavor of linux… or the vast majority of set top boxes and non-microsoft media players. Because it is fundamentally incompatible.

    This format is defective by design as are all DRM by their very nature. It will never be supported on more than a few extremely simple platforms, Microsoft XP/Vista, Microsoft’s Zune, Microsoft’s Xbox… and maybe Microsoft will throw apple a bone and allow it to be played on the MacOS in some crappy form.

    It’s the exact same story as Apple Playfair audio format and every DRM before it.

    The only difference is now instead of the music industry enslaving itself to Apple’s proprietary DRM where music sold in the apple store doesn’t play on anything but the iPod… the BBC, is enslaving itself and the entire british population to microsoft’s whims.

    It’s freaking evil.

    Of course the flip side is this. People WILL crack it… and they will bring the content to bittorrent and other file sharing darknets / aka. black markets.

    oh, and…

    @expattorrents: I 100% agree.

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