8 thoughts on “BellSouth DSL for $10”

  1. And of course I have to chime in and ask the question of “What does BellSouth charge their wholesale ISP resellers for this same circuit?”

    You get a cookie if you said “more then they are charging their own customers for the service”.

  2. And of course that doesn’t take into account the cost of the POTS line you’re required to have in order to get DSL. I would still have BellSouth FastAccess service if they didn’t require a phone line. However, when I moved I decided to cut costs and just use my cellphone as my primary phone. So then, my only choice for broadband was Comcast cable as BellSouth says they won’t let me have their DSL service without a phone line I don’t want or need.

  3. What a pitty Om, you also didn’t mention that in order to get the $10 ADSL for 3 months you have to sign up for a year of Complete Choice plan worth of $38 and Unlimited Long Distance Plan worth of another $25. And your ADSL will cost $33 after the first 3 promo months. So you’re gonna end up with ~$120/mth bill. This is supposed to be a breakthrough?

  4. here you read lukas: ‘will get a $23 a month discount for the first three months.’ if you read the post, i was pretty specific about what the deal was

  5. This is stupid. I’m trying to find valid information on the requirements of DSL and POTS ordering and all y’all sounds like a bunch of 7 year olds with stupid little egos trying to argue about petty information.

    Do you guys ever get laid?

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