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  1. One of the largest limitation to the ubiquity of video chat is the need for a separate device – a webcam. I find it very curious that more laptops are not sold with at least a moderate quality webcam built in above the screen, especially when nearly every new cell phone has an embedded camera.

  2. Mr. Malik,

    Do you know if Ineen will work with a Vonage soft phone? Do you think that Skype might eventually fail because its not built to use open standards and the client software is also closed source?

  3. not sure about skype really – it has a lot of people using the service and that makes them valuable. they will eventually have to adapt to the open standards. on the ineen, i think it should work nicely with vonage

  4. The only thing going for Skype at the moment is the hype. I’ve said it since day one that unless they adapt open standards they aren’t going anywhere.

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  6. ineen is the best VoIP, Video and IM client I have used to date. Best quality by far. Since I need PSTN now rather than later, I assume ineen will have PSTN some day, I use the eyeBeam client on Vonage with the ineen settings, it works great!

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