4 thoughts on “Betting on Mobile TV Chips”

  1. Hello:

    Your article about companies who have obtained funding to manufacture mobile TV chips is interesting.

    Just being able to obtain funding to produce a new product doesn’t mean that the product will be viable and profitable.

    Many companies forget that.

    I feel most companies focus too much on creating a product instead of focusing on the current needs of the prospects.

    This is one reason why 80% of these businesses are not profitable and are forced into bankruptcy soon after.

    They spend too much borrowed money to create products that nobody needs and after doing that, when they try to market them, then they discover the harsh reality. Soon the banks will come calling and they will have no choice but to declare bankrupt.

    I believe product/services conception, creation and development should be customer driven.

    Before creating a product, find out first who needs it (if any) and why.

    That may save you a lot of headache and bankruptcy in the future.

    So, the idea of mobile TV falls into this.

    Who needs mobile TV and why?

    Ikey Benney


  2. Re: MobiTV and Mobile TV.

    There is a big difference between offering TV over your existing network (MobiTV, VCast, etc.) and building a whole new network to offer it. If and when Qualcomm or Crown Castle actually build the networks for which they have long been licensed, I’ll believe this has a future. Verizon, Sprint, and Cingular aren’t going to be building Mobile TV networks of their own anytime soon.

  3. Two other mobile TV chip companies have VCs betting on them: DiBcom completed a 24.5 million Euro 4th round last August, and Siano Mobile Silicon is now raising a second round of about $20M.

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