3 thoughts on “Beware mobile users: telemarketers are coming”

  1. And we will go through the same for our VoIP phones as well? Or we will not have this right because VoIP is an information service and so can not be regulated? 🙂

  2. I’ve just started looking around about this and it sounds like Verizon intends to _not_ provide its customers’ numbers to the directory.

    Kudos to them if they stick to their guns. Keeps me motivated to stick with them as my provider, that’s for sure.

  3. Om, I’m surprised you got taken on this one; while there are several wireless providers that are participating, they have pledged that the information will only be available for directory assistance, and will not be sold.


    Yes, Verizon’s choice not to participate in wireless subscriber 411 would allow a measure more of protection to their customers, and registering your cell number would indeed be less protection, but FCC regulations already in place block the majoroty of telemarketing calls to cell phones.

    Now, if they [the FCC] could only do something about the SMS Spam and the telemarketing calls I get to the land line to my office….

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