One thought on “Review: Sony Ericsson GC 83 EDGE Card”

  1. You need a third party software called Quciklink Mobile for using GC83 on Mac. I believe its Free for mac users or 50.00.

    Did you know that you can use an Un-Locked Sony Ericsson GC83 PC Air Card instead of a GC89 to access T-Mobile,Cingular Nationwide Wireless Internet & other Carriers Worldwide on Your laptop or PC with an adapter at High Speed EDGE with a Data Activated T-Mobile or Cingular SIM & Account at EDGE SPEEDS? Thats right Get the GC83 PC Card, Simply Insert your Data Activated SIM(from your phone) & You’ve got Instant Wirlesss Internet on your laptop practically anywhere you travel.

    Yes You can buy a GC83 on Ebay with No Contract to own the card, then just insert your Activated Cingular, T-Mobile, Rogers, Fido SIM & Cruise the Internet at EDGE SPEEDS. Save hundreds over the GC89 card & with No Contract!
    Go to ebay & type in the search field GC83 (BE SURE ITS UNLOCKED) No need to buy a Modem card from the carrier with a lenghty contract.
    Just get Data activated service with a SIM Card issued by the carrier, slip in GC83 card & Go!

    Unlocked GC83’s can be found on Ebay For Quality Look for some of the the Longest Outstanding Sellers Who know the product & have been around for awhile in case you need warranty.Make sure its UNLOCKED!

    Wanted : We buy New & Used Locked & Unlocked GC83 cards individually or in bulk.
    Please email quantity & price expected to

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