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  1. Sorry to bother, but this a draw for the YouTube events, which attracted me to here.

    Ok, what is The Next after Web 2.0 ?

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  2. The current trends in the market are helping companies like XO, Level 3 and Global Crossing make a strong comeback after having near death experiences after the telecom bubble popped. Do you think these companies (and several others) continue to do well in the near future?

    Please do some due diligence. The only reason XO and Global Crossing are coming back is because of fradulent bankruptcies that were allowed.

    As the formula went in telecom bubble then burst days:

    -Build it
    -Bankrupt it ( and scew the common shareholders)
    -Come back stronger

    The corporate BK laws in this country are a joke. The super rich get richer at the expense of many middle class Americans most of which haven’t yet really experienced real pain…but many will in next few years.

  3. What’s really amazing is how cheap the stock is (XOHO)– it won’t be for long as they’ve positioned themselves for strong revenue growth via both their wireline division AND broadband wireless thru Nextlink…

  4. Wow how in the world does this company do it. They have one of the most unprofessional and uoeducated staff I have ever come in contact with. Believe me save your money and go with ANY of the other companies.. Anything is better than Xo.

  5. XO stinks.. they have an amazing sales staff who will make up anything on the planet to get your business but no implentation staff to back up what they sale you. Beware of this company. they will not be around for long

  6. As km4 mentioned above – that person knows what going on…

    I worked for this company in a upper leadership role during those years & received very FAT bonus checks before, during, & after our claims. I’m no longer in telecom but stay away from this group. In fact,there was a bunch of us who left soon after we cleared (including the CEO & CFO)

  7. I don’t know what the previous posters are talking about. I work for a Fotune500 company that has used XO Communications for years with excellent results. We are now in the process of expanding our relationship with them…

  8. XO is horrible, lie across the board, i’ve hear during company training that they encourage phone support to lie to the customers about when they are going to receive support. I had to basically fake tears on the phone to the carrier of my local loop to get answers, answers that XO wouldnt provide and otherwise had lied to me about. THE WORST!!! XO IS JUST GOING TO END UP BANKRUPT AGAIN AT THIS RATE!

  9. Not trying to pile on, but I pity the single “Fortune 500” poster who loves XO. They just havent been screwed yet like the rest of us, but they will. The senior leadership team at XO is unscrupulous to say the least. The CEO, Carl Grivner, doenst have a clue and it is just a matter of time before their #1 owner, Carl Ichan, sends him to the CEO graveyard. He allows his HR hencelady (Ms Burke) to do stupid things and his VP of sales, Tom Cady, to encourage sales tactics that are just immoral, if not illegal. Stay away from XO !!!

  10. Allow me to join in the chorus of dissatisfied customers. I’ve been with them for 6 years and from sales to delivery, you never get what you think you’ve bought. Not only does it take months to get billing errors resolved, you can’t possibly imagine the horror if you try to upgrade your service. XO, I’ve got three more offices to switch and then I can say GOODBYE!!!

  11. Wow some crazy wild emotional responses. For a different perspective i see with 99% of customers with problems they consistantly pay 60 to 90 days and with these issues it is hard to get approval for upgrades.

    Also it is important to judge the size of the customer. XO IS moving away from the 3 line and 5 line customer. the smallest customer XO now services is a T1 circuit. if your smaller than that XO IS letting you move away as you cost more in customer service than the revenue you provide.

    business is about a profit and XO cannot succeed on tiny mom and pop operations.


  12. Oh, and XO Sales guy is lying….no suprise.

    Most customers ARE NOT installed in 30-60 days, well MAYBE 60 days.

    I will agree, they have moved away from the 3-5 line customers….and in the process left ALOT of people swingin’ in the breeze.

    They gouge people on their T1 prices (charging an “access recovery fee” which is making the customer pay twice for the loop!)

    In the DC/MD/VA market they were selling T1’s and telling people they were “full T1’s” and provisioning them at 512K.

    If this guy does work for XO, he is just believing the lies they tell thier own staff. Open your eyes and ask some questions…you’ll be amazed.

  13. we do charge access recovery fee on many products which is passed on from the LEC this is true. We do have our new flex data T1 which we do not charge access recovery. and for the voice lines on that circuit we also do not charge LDAC, LNP, PICC charges either. the new flex T1 is a great deal.

    and in addition if you know anything at all about real T1 you know it is not distance sensitive. you buy 1544k or 1.5 and you get the entire thing.

    you may be referring to DSL which is distance sensitive. this product provides less bandwidth at greater distances from the collo facility.

    I personally sell coast to coast and have sold in DC and i have all my customers check dsl reports dot com to check bandwidth on their internet.

    I have no need to lie i just feel people should understand that many customers become bitter for many reasons and make up stories.

    I have been with the company for 3years and know all the issues with my company and i know it has less issues than other providers.

    Of that i am certain. All telecom, collo, or voice providers have a percentage of dissatisfied customers. We have a very high customer retention though. In the business size we are now pursuing.


  14. XO sales guy. I worked on plenty of disputes at XO and you just don’t know what is really going on with this company. (LOL)

  15. I feel like I am having a conversation with one guy with three names here. Fine you win, whatever you wish to believe sir.

    But I take care of my customers and any service issues and i work for XO Communications.

  16. Good job XO guy! Nice to see a calm voice of reason appear to defend his company & challange some of the chronic whiners & crybabies that these boards seem to attract. My company uses XO, ATT & Sprint & I can say you guys give us the least amount of trouble by far. Thanks for posting…

  17. XO Sales guy. You are having a conversation with 3 people who know what they are talking about. I don’t blame you for your lack of knowledge. XO had me fooled at first but, it did not take long to see what I was dealing with. Some of the people in mgmt are unethical and if it keeps going on it will catch up the company soon.
    However, I found most of the sales people and other employees to honest and hard-working.

    It is the managment staff that is really ethically challeged and does not seem to understand the concept of customer service.

  18. Business is like life: Universal Truth= Yin / Yang. What successful large company doesn’t have ethical issues? Maybe Ben & Jerry’s, but I would consider them as pushers for sugar junkies. Wherever you look, especially government, there’s a dark-side.

  19. XO Sales guy. Allow me to tell you my story. Just over a year ago my company was in the process of moving to a new building. We were looking for a T1 provider as well as VOIP. We were drawn to the XOptions Flex product as it would take care of both the T1 and VOIP lines.

    During the first 3 months, we had a few routing issues with our voice lines, some people weren’t able to reach our lines directly and would get ‘number is not in service’ messages. Fair enough, these seem like usual problems when porting numbers.

    During this period we discussed whether we should try to get out of our 3 year contract. But wait! It was already too late! You see, an XO salesperson smartly talked us into signing on for service early so we could take advantage of a $2000 rebate. That’s like 2 months of service free! He had us signed up as customers in March 2006 even though we weren’t moving until June 2006. So, our 90 day escape clause in our contract was already up by the time we moved into our new building and could actually use the service!

    Eventually we started having local loop problems with our T1. Each time the T1 goes out, we go through the same song and dance with the XO technicians. They have us reboot the router even though the T1 card is showing no lights! They run intrusive testing and hours pass before they actually start to dispatch a technician from either their own office or the local carrier.

    Now we are stuck with a provider who has no permanent solution for our local loop problems and per our contract, we would have to PAY XO thousands of dollars to escape! Needless to say we feel like we’ve been duped!

    Beware of the company you work for XO Sales guy. You

  20. Xo Sales Guy, Kudos to you for standing behind your company and products. I worked for a telecom company called Deltacom in the Southeast but I’m leaving to start with Xo in Oct. I’m leaving because deals I’ve sold aren’t getting the attention from corporate like they need. After struggling with my clients and fighting on their behalf I’m sick of losing the fight. Therefore, I’m taking my clients with me. The thing you need to understand if you don’t work in telecom, is each and every company out there has provisioning problems, billing issues, network outages. I’ve done my research about Xo and they care about the strife the sales rep goes through to make their customers happy. I don’t know if this is a recent inititive but I’ve made sure not to get into the same predicament. Xo has assured me and after talking with other employees they give customers attention and follow up with issues which was lacking with my former company.
    What you as the consumer need to do is to do your research before signing the line. Find a sales rep that has morals and will go to bat for you and work on your behalf. Not the lazy lying sales reps that couldn’t care less about service after the sale. I see that all too often in this industry. Like Xo Sales Guy I’m an ethical person and I won’t lie to sell a deal. There is a ton of misconception put out in this industry by many sales reps out there. Use your gut to feel your sales guy out. Ask questions that you know should yield a “No” for an answer. If he’s a “Yes” guy you may need to look elsewhere. Not necessarily base your judgement on the company due to one unethical sales guy. Call another from the same company. Hell, call me and if my company isn’t the best solution for your situation I’ll tell you. Seems like Xo Sales Guy and I are a dying breed but once in a while guys like us come along. You the consumer just need to make sure you find us.

  21. It sounds to me like XO is just like every other Telco company. I have worked for Tyco, Lucent, Nortel, and several other smaller companies and none of them, NONE of them, come through on what they promise to deliver. As the customer has squeezed the price they are willing to pay tighter, the vendor has been forced to lower their prices. One problem though, skilled employees are still expensive. Therefore a customer cannot possibly expect to pay the lowest price, yet get the best service. However, people do tend to go with what they want to hear. Telco, unfortunately, is a business where liars rise to the top – industry wide.

  22. Wow! I went to the web to find information about XO as we are considering a transition of our small business data and phone lines. I have had glowing verbal reviews from current customers, hand selected by my XO rep., but reading these comments – I have to ask, is it really that bad?

    Can anyone offer objective, sound advice on whether XO is a good alternative for a small business? Or should we steer clear to avoid alot of pain?

    Our current solution was a real pain to implement and the sales rep was done with us once we signed the contract. We were left to deal with a “customer service” rep in a distant place who could care less about the business interruption we endured. Three years, the memories are still bitter and something we want to avoid going forward.

  23. All small and medium size business need to quit being cheap with IT support. This is the core of all these issues. Customers are buying more complicated and integrated solutions, expecting “plug and play” like P.lain O.ld T. S.ervice. LECs and CLECs are too big to coddle customers and provide the level of butt kissing customers seem to be expecting. UNEDUCATED CUSTOMERS = UNSATISFIED CUSTOMERS

    Example: The post from the unsatisfied customer listed shows 4 big holes. The product he bought is a full data T with voice IP based. He expects repairs to be done in minutes if not hours. UNREALISTIC AND UNDEDUCATED. All circuits will drop, it’s just a matter of when. All COMPETENT IT groups will have a backup for emergencies and this is not the providers responsiblity.
    All LECs have frontline tech desks that will go through scripts to weed out issues that are on the customer side.(87% of support calls) If you are unprepared for this it will drive you up the wall. That’s why most customers complain about the IVR systems LECs use…they were designed for IT to call….not the end user.
    Lastly, if you are spending under 5 grand per month, you are a “bottom tier customer” and will never have “world class customer support”. It’s just not possible with the size of LECs and the scope of products they sell.
    No company will ever tell you the limitations and restrictions of their products, (including LECs). It’s not good business and you would never sell anything.

    The sooner companies realize IT cannot be marginalized or done on the cheap side, the better off we will all be.

  24. Thank you tech cougar, you made my decision not to go with XO. We looked into XO on our own and it looks fine but Time Warner was submitted to us by the company supplying the hardware. Having their support to get all this technology to work together and consistantly in harmony makes sense. The cost isn’t the issue, nor is the 50,000 toll free minutes, it is the SUPPORT that will be critical in the long term.

    Thank you TechCougar

  25. Paul, it amazes me in reading some of your comments, even though you have been enlightened on how business works in the real world, versus the world of the obvious free-ware type mindsets. In the real world, as was described before, companies which have a clear view of critical components/services to support revenue generation, fully understand that cost-saving shortcuts such as consolidated lines for voice and data (needless to say words like fail over/redundancy provisioning do not exist) equals in the end lost revenue potential. As it appears that you are more of a technical person versus a person with business aptitude, I highly suggest the next time you ask your management team to consider service contingencies, present you requests with a vision on how service down-time impacts business. It does not matter which service provider you go with in the end, non-operation of service in EVERY case equals loss of operation.

    Risk management is a discipline that applies to many situations, other than communications services. Imagine if you had a heart condition, your family had the option of putting you on a single device that could keep you heart pumping … but if it looses power, you’re dead. They also have an option where a backup heart device can be configured in the case of failure; it kept your heart working even in the case where the primary device fails. It may sound like a simple scenario, but it really is that simple.

    You are trying to defend an argument which really has no real merit, and speaks disgruntled person … not necessarily disgruntled customer. Don’t fully rely on XO to take care of your issues, take some ownership and perform some proactive steps to optimize your service uptime.

  26. I work for XO currently. I’m a Senior Sales Executive out of the New York Downtown office. I think it’s funny that all the guys who work for XO have neglected to hone in on their markets or really give details.
    Somewhere up there, in the earlier posts, someone said that the most important aspect about your relationship with a provider is your sales rep. Someone else said that you should probe reps with questions that you KNOW will yield a “no” answer to see if you’ve got a “yes” man… cheap tactics. If you want to know if you have a good Sales Rep on your hands, the best question to ask him is, “What happens, step by step, from the moment I call you with an issue.”
    A seasoned, responsible rep can walk you through the entire process, from start to finish- it should be reflexive. S/he should know everything about the departments that support the customer, not just, “Sure Mr. Customer, you call me- I fix it.”
    In reality, a Sales Rep can get most (and I mean 75%) of issues resolved intra day. There are some issues that are BEYOND service, a Rep should reach out and explain that BEFORE he earns your business. A car driven at 100mph into a telephone pole is pretty much going to leave your XO Sales Rep with his hands in the air when you scream, “all my phones are down!!” It’s all about setting the correct expectations.
    Look, I have dozens of satisfied customers, and I have a hanful of customers that make me feel very good about the fact that they don’t know where I live. I’ve had accounts go down for a month! I’ve had accounts where they were the only people who kept their services up when everyone was down for a mile in every direction so, go figure.
    I do everything in my power to run my customer’s complaints, moves, add, changes and even (painfully) their cancels, in an effective manner. If you’ve all had shoddy service, or just need help with your account, reach out to me, I’ll change your ideas about XO. Michael.Mayer@xo.com

  27. Absolutley horrendous customer service!!!
    Sit on hold forever for any kind of tech support!
    I am an independant IT guy & cringe when I have to make a call to XO!
    I am doing all I can to get my customer to leave them!

    1. What large company, for the most part, regardless of industry they are in doesn’t have long hold times? “Independant IT” guy I sit on hold for answers about my car insurance be realistic and have a legitimate complaint, please because there are some out there I admit but stop posting to articles/sites like this just for the sake of doing it.

  28. OK. I have worked in the telecom industry for 5 years. My experience has all been sales related. I have extensive knowledge in IP Voice, IP Data, IP SEC, Opteman, Optewan, Ethernet, wirless, POTS, PRI, DSL, MPLS you name it I have sold it to companies big and small. I will tell everyone on this forum this. There are three major providers of telecommnications services in respect to landline base commnications. These providers are as follows AT&T (SBC, Legacy T, Southwestern Bell, Pac Tel) Verizon and Quest. Depending on were your service locations is your LEC (Local Exchange Provider will always own the last mile) 99% of the time you get a T1 or DS3 it will come from one of the LEC’S with the exception of independent Telco’s. It does not matter what company you use the last mile can and will eventually go down. XO Commnications must call AT&T to put in a trouble ticket to fix a local loop. I will this every company that I have sold for has issues. For those people who believe AT&T is best provider out there and the CLEC’s don’t get the job done HA. There are problems with getting port orders issued, delayed installation, service outages, billing issues, customer complaints. Trust me unless your company is spending 5K and up a month you will not get first class attention. Xo is a great company to do business with and they will go to back for customer when needed. The problem is that when a customer has a issue they always want money.

    My favorite line is when an IT vendor wants to get involved in the service aspect of telecom and thinks he understands the complex world of telecommnicaitons think again. Find a knowledgable sales rep and use that person for the services

  29. We have been a customer of XO for sometime. We are in the process of switching to another carrier because XO would not give us an even remotely competitive rate to retain us as a customer.

    Today I find out that they disconnected our service. A month too soon. Now I don’t have time to get the new carrier line in place, and XO wants to charge us a hook-up fee to reconnect the line and then want to charge us early termination fees to disconnect the line on the day it should have been disconnected in the first place. Their justiication is that a connection of a ‘new line’ is an automatic 1 year contract so I’d owe them for 11 months of service to terminate early. What?!?!

    Of course I have the appropriate CYA emails in place and the battle will begin tomorrow when I talk to my ‘customer service’ rep.

    The quality of the data service has been good for some 5+ years, but every time we have to actually deal with a human being at this company it is just one problem or mistake after another. It confounds me that I was willing to sign a 2 year contract to extend my service if they’d just match the rate of the competition. They wouldn’t so I’m voting with my dollars. And the new company is giving me so much more for my money that is is almost crazy.

    The connectivity has been good, but XO customer service definitely leaves something to be desired. They have ‘customer retention’ agents, it is surprising to me that they actually don’t do anything to retain their customers. They act like they are doing me a favor by allowing me to pay them big bucks every month for the same service 10 other companies provide for much less money and far less hassle. Goodbye XO.

  30. Has any of you tried Telekenex? (www.telekenex.com)

    We specialize in Next Generation IP solutions. hosted Voip, MPLS, Colo, etc. We are direct compeitors of XO and can do anything they can do. We are a facilities based provider, NOT A RESELLER! Nationwide Fiber MPLS network and Cisco partner.

    call me for more info 7_1-44-5_07_1-0.9 (seven one four four five zero seven one zero nine)


    1. We’ve had lots of problems with Telekenex. While our circuits work most of the time, when they go down their tech support can’t seem to fix it in a timely manner. Our MAN links have gone town once each of the last three months, and it has taken them a full business day to figure out the problem (usually a port setting on the router).

      We use a lot of larger providers, and I’d say that they have the longest response time of any we’ve come across yet.

  31. “The quality of the data service has been good for some 5+ years, but every time we have to actually deal with a human being at this company it is just one problem or mistake after another.”

    This has been my experience exactly. We have been a customer for over 8 years with relatively few problems with the circuit. However EVERY TIME we needed assistance things got all screwed up.

    If you ever have to deal with the move department you will be amazed at the level of un-professionalism there. They don’t know there own product line, they don’t understand the first thing about customer service. Each time I called to clarify or order I’d get a different answer sometimes form the same person. The sales team and the move department do not communicate at all. Sale tells you one thing….techs tell you something different and then the move team something else.

    I can’t understand how a COMMUNICATION company could be so bad at communicating the simplest of things…like there own products and services.


    The minute are contract is up we are taking our business elsewhere even if it cost more.

  32. It good to come back to site months later and see the truth come out about XO. I use to work for them and found the lack of concern for their customers to be shameful. Good to see people speaking up.

  33. XO Sucks,Stinks..and is a STUPID company!!! They never keep what they say the have NOn existing SLA fake they give penies for 1 Day of downtime. Billing sucks . Stuff the worst I hve even seen. Beware of this company. they will not be around for long trust me on that. RUN FAR AWAYYYYYYYYYYYYy. Be aware don’t sign anything they tell you NOTHING

  34. Has anyone ever been able to get higher up the latter with XO regarding your issues? We have been dealing with an issue since November of 07 and have promise after promise all in email and none are being fullfilled. We have been working with the Regional GM for quite some time and still not getting anywhere. WE are getting to the point where we are contenplating contacting an attorney to help us resolve these issues. Does anyone have any contacts higher than a GM that might be able to get something resolved???

  35. I have to agree with everyone here. I *WISH* I had found this thread before signing our SOA with XO. This company is HORRIBLE! DO NOT USE THEM!

    We signed our contract in July with an agreement that the service would be installed and operational by the first Monday in August. Once the contract was signed, they were VERY uncommunicative with us. Our sales guy suddenly became slow to respond after handing it off to the project coordinator and implementation team. The lead for that team NEVER got back to me. I was in a panic as the deadline was approaching and I had no guarantee that the service would be active by the date agreed. The Friday before our deadline I finally heard back from an XO rep who told me my project coordinator had left the company, and she would take over.

    We *FINALLY* got everything installed, but only 2 of our 7 phone numbers were clean. The other 5 had static on them. The tech worked til about 6pm that night trying to figure something out but couldn’t. Then he left and said he would be back Monday morning. So Monday morning, our deadline for install came, and we only had 2 working phone numbers. The XO tech came out with a third router to install (he tried 2 on that Friday), and finally got it to work by about 2pm on Monday.

    You think, well okay, there are always hiccups on installations, and at least they got the service turned up in 30 days, right? Well no. The phone lines were installed, but the system was completely unconfigured. I had to wait until their install tech signed off that the order was complete before they would give me login information to their configuration portal. Those emails finally came in at the end of the day on Monday.

    The email gave me a link to a PDF document about all their package features, and a login to their portal to configure our system. You’re basically thrown to the wolves in figuring out the system on your own. If you have questions and call them, you’re on hold for 15-20 minutes at least. So I quickly learned to toy around with everything to try to figure it out on my own before calling them. This was exacerbated by the fact that their portal is EXTREMELY SLOW!!! When you click a page, it could take 20 seconds for that page to load. Combine that with fumbling through a system you’re not familiar with, trying to figure it out, and it becomes increasingly frustrating!

    I’m a computer guy and feel very confident in my abilities to figure things out. I configured the system how it should be set, but things just didn’t work. When I called XO about helping me get things working, their customer service agents DIDN’T KNOW THE SYSTEM EITHER! They had to consult the same document I had to answer my questions. When I explained that I had the same doc they did, but their system wasn’t working with how it should be configured (like call centers having voicemail, or setting up hours), they had to open a ticket and transfer me to their tier 2 service.

    Even the Tier 2 people couldn’t figure things out about 50% of the time. I’ve had multiple issue tickets open with them for 2 months now, and our phone system still isn’t working as advertised. Our biggest problem right now is that our “Call Center” feature doesn’t have voicemail. All of their documentation, and configuration features in the portal show that it should be a feature, but it doesn’t work. Finally after a month of troubleshooting the issue, a tech finally told me that I had ordered the Call Center without voicemail. WHAT?? So he had to place an order for voicemail to be added to the call center. And orders with XO take at least 2-4 weeks to get completed. Even simple orders. Even upgrading the number of LD minutes we buy takes 2 billing cycles to take effect!!

    So our order for voicemail is in, and I have received a callback AGAIN trying to tell me that call centers don’t have voicemail. And again I have to insist that their system shows that there should be. And again we are going around in the circle of sending this up to a higher tier support.

    Again, DO NOT USE XO. They are the worst communications company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. And I’m a long time AT&T customer, so I know bad communications companies. They make AT&T look wonderful!

    1. I thought your article with regard to XO was very well written. I was thinking of going with XO for my company (I’m the Office Manager), but am having 2nd thoughts. Can you please email me and let me know approximately where you are located. I’m in downtown Chicago. I was wondering if problems were company-wide with XO or if they are “regional”. Thanks for any help you can give regarding my decision as to which dial tone provider to go with.

  36. The FACT is that most company’s tend to run their account payables anywhere from 30 – 90 days behind. Of course there is going to be trouble getting billings resolve this way. It is hard to provide quality customer service when we bill almost an entire quarter before your recognize the issue. Pay the bill on time and we can fix the issue on time. All levels of service is determined by how you pay and the “credit” you provide with payments to XO. This is really quite simple. Don’t assume, don’t blame anyone but yourselves for the issues that you have. We have many customers that are perfectly happy with the services that we provide as they pay their bills on time and are always current. It is very easy to work with company’s like that. They don’t have issues.

  37. Oh yeah, one more thing. Remember when XO went bankrupt about 10 years ago…we used the AT&T network. Now that XO has restructured and is a Tier 1 provider, guess who uses our network now in some cases…that’s right…AT&T. Put a sock in it Tony. You don’t know what you are talking about.

  38. I’m going through hell right now with XO.

    They admittedly accidentally canceled our Flex service (Phone/Data). This happened on Jan 6th. Today, Jan 22nd.. we are still down on the phone side. They restored the data side Jan 16th. We have had no phones.. at all.. since Jan 6th for our entire company. When you dial our main number, or any DID’s.. “Sorry this number has been disconnected”.

    I have called XO REPEATEDLY .. day in and day out.. sometimes 4-5 times a day, sometimes just twice. I receive the same response.. a tech will call you back in 1 hour. 90% of the time I receive no call back.

    Now, as of today they won’t reactivate our DID block unless we sign a new contract because the old contract apparently had an error (also admittedly their fault).

    TO hell if we’re signing another contract with these bozos.

    I have about 10 other clients using XO lines.. they will be switching immediately. Unfortunately I knew XO was a joke but most of these clients chose XO before we took them over due to ‘great pricing!’ .. right.. now how much has that cheap XO Flex line cost you? Probably hundreds of thousands in business…

    Joke a company.

  39. XO has unethical leaders in it’s management chain that have approved many deals that “robbed Peter to pay Paul” I watched XO write off over 150k in billing issues vs. doing due dilligence to secure 1 10K deal,and then a year later with the same carrier customer A was acquired by carrier customer B, they disconnected all of customer A’s services and wrote it as new busines under customer B and commissioned the sales rep. on the deal and took credit for it so a GM could stick around for another months and not get fired – he was in the good ‘ol boy club that Carl Icahn preached against in his article. If he only rolled back the sheets to the GM level, he’d fire a few of them.

  40. As a telecom consultant and agent, I am familiar with all the major carriers. I have been selling as an independent agent for over 7 years. In a nutshell, I can say, XO has the most problems in the telco world in NYC metro. Broadview second. You have so many other choices, so why bother with XO? Go with a carrier that will not screw up your telecom and put you out of business. YES, XO WILL PUT YOU OUT OF BUSINESS. When I used to sell XO, I ran out of excuses and places to hide from my customers. Why the pain? Putting your telecom and internet on XO’s network and having sex with a hooker without a condom is the same thing. Clear enough???

    1. I am looking at XO and Masergy for a MPLS solution for my 4 sites within NY/NJ areas. After reading these posts, I am leaning towards Masergy…

      Any advise fellow peers?

      1. Depending on what last mile of service you are looking at it doesn’t matter who you go with. If you are looking at T1s I hope you have good copper becaue if you don’t you will undoubtedly have issues. In many areas in that region the copper sucks and if you run into those issues then it is a LEC problem, and will not be a problem with the provider regardless of who you go with. Good luck with your choice!

  41. I worked for XO for a year and half and it was the worst experience of my life. They SUCK at everything that they do. Horrible customer service, implementation is worse.They lie to their customers, they lie to their employees..they even lie to their shareholders.

    If you want a great telecom company….try tw telecom (formerly Time Warner Telecom).

  42. XO has such poor customer service. They are a terrible telecommunications and data solutions company. TERRIBLE. Our company had various accounts open with XO. When we decided to move to a different company (one by one from each location across US), each experience was the same. They took every possible delay to port the phone numbers over. When one of our reps contacted them and said that they were in violation of the FCC, they responded, “So report us.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!? What a crock of sht.

    We have transferred all of our business to Time Warner Telecom.

    The incident that made me want to post this time around was this… We requested to port all of our telephone numbers over to Time Warner. Our company actually physically MOVED locations. XO played the same game as far as delaying the porting process. WE had to set up a secondary unit in the old location for one month to ensure that the porting process would go through successfully.

    XO CONTINUED TO BILL US!!!!! They stated that just because we ported our numbers, that doesn’t mean that the account closes. (So, uhm, what the hell kind of service would you be billing us for?)… FINE, we ate up the cost of the bill they sent after… I told them to kill EVERYTHING we have with XO.

    XO CONTINUED TO BILL US!!!!! They stated that just because we closed our telecommunications services, that doesn’t mean that we closed our data services. FINE, we’ll play this game. WE closed it.

    XO CONTINUED TO BILL US!!!!! These mf-ers. Bottom line, I think we may have finally severed all ties with XO and boy, does it feel good.

    What a piece of crap Company and what poor business practices. I am so relieved that TIME WARNER is around to clean up messes that XO would instigate!

  43. XO aren’t the best but they’re not the worst. Ceybond and Time Warner are both awful. All these CLECS use ATT or Verizon to bring their service into a customer so 90% of the time its a Verizon/ATT problem.
    I’m beginning to think that some posters on here have nothing to do with XO they’re just promoting Time Warner who are a complete crock.

    1. I agree with you and not because I work for a CLEC either. There are so many variables as to why a customer may have a bad experience so for many of these tits whining on here without both sides to the story it is really hard to know exactly what happened because we are getting a biased view. Not saying that problems don’t happen because they most definitely do and they are most definitely caused by the provider but these people make it out to be as if they were targeted for mistreatment. As you eluded to the LECs in some parts of the country, most notably the northeast are a bunch of aholes and even if XO customer’s were to cancel and go to them they would not have it any better.

  44. I used to be happy with Alligience (now XO’s) service, although they raised my rates between the time I signed the contract and when service started. This was per a tariff filed but not approved before I signed the contract. Bummer.

    My real problems started when the contract was about to expire and I wanted to move our company to Telepacific to take advantage of their higher shared T1 transfer rates. (DSL is really slow in our business area.) I know in our contract with XO, it says that if we do not give 30 day notice before the end of the contract, then the contract will renew automatically for two years. I have wisened up and before signing a contract with Telepacific, that they modify the contract for a month to month term after our initial contract expiration. They readily agreed and did it.

    I started calling XO two months before our contract expired to cancel. The cancellation was not completed properly, and over several calls, the agents looked up the info and re-entered the cancellation order and told me that it would take up to 30 days for the cancellation to show up in the billing. Also I was told to give the cancellation order number to collections if they ever called.

    Six months later, the service is cancelled, but a second collections agency wants me to pay a ->$12K<- cancellation charge. Of course I dispute it, and call XO twice, and every time the information is supposed to go to an 'analyst' and I 'will get a call back within a week'. I never get a call back from anyone at XO about the bill. The collections agency person gets me a reduced total which she tries again to collect from me. When I ask for paperwork, she claims she hasn't ever tried to collect funds from me, and basically knows nothing. The collections agent let slip that many people have been trying to get their XO-collections bills fixed for months and that I was lucky! Crazy!

    1. Here’s a kicker for ya, if you thought they were bad before, XO now utilizes an outsourcing company in India to process your orders!

      As XO says, “It’s all about the customer” or is it ?

  45. I have worked with XO at my previous two employers and am not pleased with them. I honestly think they are the worst carrier out there. I work for a VOIP company now that uses XO as the carrier and we are always having customers complain about the service and quality or not being able to dial certain numbers. Evertime we open a ticket with XO they say it is going to be fixed within 4 hours and you do not hear back from them until 3 days later if at all. Unbelievable and crappy service at XO. People use their service because it is cheap so if you don’t mind problems every other day then go with them.

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