4 thoughts on “How to boost productivity on your Mac”

  1. Well, here’s my 0.02 €:

    – kGTD

    I’m a convert. Sorry. Yeah, I know, it requires OmniOutliner Pro. But. Say what you will about the GTD meme, this is THE app, for the moment.

    – OmniOutliner

    Did I mention OmniOutliner? I live inside it. With me moving more and more into web-based apps (Google Reader, GMail, Writely), this could well be one of my last desktop mainstays. Incredible.

    – Productivity is an attitude, a method, not an app

    I know this busts the two previous list items. But the fact is, an app won’t make you more productive – YOU will. Speaking of which, I recommend Merlin Mann’s Work the Dash and Take the Break post. It sounds crazy, but I tried it, and it rocks! So, choose your poison… 😉


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