6 thoughts on “Venture Capital's Data Side Story”

  1. Om, right on. This is exactly what my fund is targeting, albeit at the seed stage. You were definitely early in spotting the importance of this space, and we are running with this megatrend and looking to fund the most promising nascent companies across the big data landscape.


  2. there’s a ton of structured data in enteprises that I’m sure they’d like to be able to search, index, and combine with unstrucutred data (how do I get my CRM data lined up with tweets mentioning my company?), and do it all in the cloud. whoever figures that out will be printing money.

  3. Om has been on it and ahead of it (as he always is). Here’s a video of him interviewing Scott Yara of Greenplum, a large-scale data warehousing and analytics company.

    Video was recorded almost two years ago. FD: I am a consultant for Greenplum.

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