6 thoughts on “Video: Google & Its Grand Ambitions”

  1. “Intel’s CEO, Andy Grove…” Sorry guys, that hasn’t been true for over 11 years. Grove stepped down in 1998, the year Google was founded. I hardly think he made that statement in the first couple months of the search engine’s existence. If the video makers are able to make such a glaring mistake this early in the video, how much credibility can we give to their other assertions?

  2. Google isn’t evil. Effective advertisement is where they’re trying to go because everyone’s sick of irrelevant ads on webpages… riiight?

    Also, the reason why Google is jumping into all of these industries is because (from their own words), when they see a problem, instead of waiting for the leaders in the industries to make the advancements, they just make the product easier and more simple. Take for example: Gmail, Android, Chrome, Chrome OS, Google Docs, Google Fiber, Google Health, Google Books, etc..

    You see, they’re not doing this to be evil. They’re doing this because the people in each of these industries aren’t ADAPTING to the huge changes in this 21st century and quite frankly, they’re not going to sit there and just wait. Google is making everything open source, synchronous, and most importantly, free!

  3. Pardon the lame quote from Spiderman but with great power comes great responsibility. I think we’re naive if we think Google can “do no evil” with all that it is involved with.

    While the founders and majority of the staff may believe and live this motto all corporations can do wrong due to a few bad apples. Add to that, the rampant hubris in the company and there is trouble ahead.

    @Tony – to discount the video due to the mislabel of Andy Grove is to throw out the proverbial baby with the bathwater. The rest of the claims are spot on. Hardly worth trashing the video due to the lack of the label “ex” in front of “CEO”.

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