14 thoughts on “New Deals, Big Money for BitTorrent?”

  1. bitTorrent is dead. check out tamago.us they’re up and running with no funding, and making some bank. bit-torrent just wasted 8 million, doesn’t even have a product out, and no one uses it anymore; most people just use GrabIt to download movies from news groups. I know most of you guys can’t code, but bitTorrent’s technology ain’t special…its just the linux freaks who think everything should be free and love bram use it…like that Pirate Bay group in Sweden.

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  3. “There is talk about founder and CEO Bram Cohen being replaced by a more seasoned manager, and apparently have hired a head hunter, to lead the search. We have confirmed this information.”

    You should have asked Lily to confirm whether Bram was leaving BitTorrent. It seems like the consensus is shifting towards no…

  4. bob, we have seen documents which outline that the company is seeking a new CEO. However, as Bram suggests, he is staying with the company. Perhaps in another role. Or as a co-CEO. Frankly, at this point, lets wait and watch what is going to unfold.

  5. “bob, we have seen documents which outline that the company is seeking a new CEO.”

    Really? Let’s see them. Bram is saying he’s staying aboard as CEO and is not leaving BitTorrent. Why should we take your word over his, and over all the other news sources that dispute your claim?

  6. Bram is a hacker of the first rank, like Steve Wozniak. Why should he waste his time managing people when he can be more valuable to the company doing technical work? It would clearly be irrational. When you found a company, you have to do a wide range of things, but you shouldn’t necessarily have to keep doing them permanently.

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