5 thoughts on “Blackberry’s Indian Pearl”

  1. I know 4 people who got Blackberry Pearls within the last month. They are loving the trackball.

    I personally have the Samsung Blackjack and am convinced that it is the best phone out right now.

  2. Hi,

    Saw & used a pearl and it is lovely but it is very delicate. Few of my friends who own an older blackberry refused to shift because of the same reason. They say that their older devices have fallen down so many times and survived to tell the tale but pearl will not endure a single fall.


  3. Ash, that would be the puppie type. you know upwardly mobile punjabi professional, working for one of the banks or MNCs etc, you can fill in the rest… 😉

  4. wonder if blackberry pearl is stealing away potential iPhone (the Apple one) customers — similiar target market (consumer willing to spend a couple hundred bucks for high-end gadget)
    Once the iPhone makes it to market in June Blackberry may well announce a Pearl II for the holiday seasons which may hold off some iPhone buyers until they can compare the iPhone and Pearl II.
    IMHO the tactile feedback provided by Blackberry and Treo devices is critical for most medium-to-heavy email users.

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