8 thoughts on “In India, Music is Simply Mobile”

  1. Mobile music has typically withered in the OECD due to (i) the overall UI experience not matching iTunes and (ii) “sticker shock” from the transport cost of downloading the song.

    Part (i) does not apply in India it seems, so can one assume (ii) is not as bad either?

  2. I recently came back after spending 3 weeks in India. Music is a very big component of life – and it is social thing. You not only want to hear it but make sure that everybody else around you can hear it. Even on mobile phones they want to be able to hear FM radio and music in the next room of their house. Nokia seems to have done a good job in putting powerful speakers in their phone (according to my cousin who is a gadget guru – though he loves his MotoMing’s design and UI).

  3. @Om >> interesting insights indeed. But I wonder why users would pay for full music track sales, when they can download it on phone memory through side transfer. Unlike CRBT, which simply can’t be set by users as it resides on the server, both ring tones and full track music can be directly downloaded. No wonder ring tone sales in India have plummeted in the recent past. May be real cheap monthly subscription for unlimited downloads woudl work? Would love to hear your views.

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