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  1. @Paul

    Funny how the WSJ story makes it seem that the layoffs just happened. Not sure how that happened – reporter/editor mix up or perhaps jeff told them so.

    Anyway the fact of the matter is that it is situation critical for blip.

  2. With all due respect and well-wishes in such a tough time as this, it never seemed like a very good idea to use “blip” to name a social media company that is entirely dependent on other social media companies.

  3. Is there any co-relation with the reduced headcount and the fact that Blip has been down for the last two days?

  4. Morning of Feb. 14, the Blip.fm homepage is blank. A temporary technological problem or are the reports of Blip.fm’s survival greatly exaggerated? (With apologies to Mr. Twain.)

  5. Hi there,

    I believe the true reason FUZZ and BLIP are failing is not at all the result of a sour economy, but rather, the WAY fuzz was managed.

    1. they had no real, original idea at conception of the business (they didn’t have a business plan)
    2. it was funded by a former google employee who had a few million to waste (and he did) on his former secretary (at Google’s) husband, Jeff Yasuda

    3. while the company may have had good intentions (help music and artists) they had no idea how to do this, mishired and blew up their team to maybe 20 people at one point

    4. in the process, they screwed over many, lied and used many, and sexually harrassed at least one employee. She confided in me and chose not to sue the founder (billionaire) behind the company because it would not be pleasant or worth her time.

    5. Thank the lord some employees did not pay fuzz 750 bucks to buy their allotted 250,000 shares of stock (given after only 3 months with the company). She KNEW that would be a lose lose gamblingsituation.

    At the very least, Yasuda’s rich wife could keep the site up for all the artists who wasted time blogging on it, submitting material and other such activities. but I guess she doesn’t even think it’s worth 5 bucks a month, huh….


    now that is a success story, if i’ve ever heard one!

    god bless anyone and all who were let down by CEO YASUDA and FUZZ ARTISTS, inc.

    The question is: is yasuda’s wife “omg, i’m still driving my audi” i.e. she hadn’t yet bought a maserati in 2006…is she still driving that car or did she upgrade to personify her lucky but lame personality?

  6. Comment on “old news”. Is it truly old if I came across if first on this blog vs. earlier ones? I get that others have already read it on other blogs and sites. To me, though it is new “news” because I didn’t know about the issues at Blip.

  7. It’s a long story…. I was the lead developer at Fuzz.com and the creator of Blip.fm. To make a long story short: the company transitioned its focus to Blip.fm a long while ago. We kept both sites up but the truth is we had stopped dev on fuzz around August/September of 2008 (shortly after launching Blip.fm). Along w/ this business transition there was a reduction in headcount.

    So, Fuzz shutting down is no surprise to those familiar w/ the story & all reduction was done a long time ago. Blip’s been gaining nice traction and the Fuzz servers are going to be repurposed to help support the increased load that Blip’s been seeing due to rising adoption.

    So, Blip’s not shutting down or any of that. It’s doing well. Fuzz is formally shut down meaning Blip’s gonna have a couple extra servers to help w/ the increased traffic & load. It’s a a good thing!

    – Arin Sarkissian

  8. Hi – this is Jeff Yasuda, CEO of Fuzz Artists, Inc. here. I just wanted to provide some clarity about the current situation of our company. Last year we made the strategic decision to wind down fuzz.com, and focus on Blip.fm. We felt it was important to devote our time, energy, and resources to the product with the highest growth potential. In Q4 of 2008 we raised additional capital based on the new focus. Since then, Blip.fm continues to attract new users and grow at a rate many times what we were able to achieve with fuzz.com. Not yet two months into the new year, we believe those tough decisions have put Blip.fm on the right track. Stay tuned.

  9. Former Fuzz Employee –

    You seem like an awfully disgruntled person, who is lashing out personal vendettas against the people who own the company. Tell me who you are so I can be sure to never hire you.

    I’m still using blip.fm personally, and it seems to be running fine, so details of the demise of that site seem premature.

    Sounds like the employees who got fired are trying to mount a personal vendetta against their former employer, smearing their name.

    I think most of this “news” can be safely ignored.

  10. Hey guys,

    Dude–I’m surprised too! I know some of these emails are very harsh and pretty rude, given that people try hard and put a lot into their own companies. But that one employee raises some valid points.

    In the world of start-ups, many good people are left in the dust and mistreated.

    When companies like this “shut down”, good employees are left unemployed, without any serverance and often with little/NO notice. Meanwhile, the CEOs are still well-off and doing fine.

    Is this right?

  11. Hey Former FUZZ Employees…were you not aware when you joined FUZZ that the technology field is a make or break high risk industry with very little middle ground? Just because you did not fall into the lucky few who also took the chance to work for companies like Google (good for you CEO’s wife!), Facebook, MySpace…etc., don’t degrade yourself any further by trying to bash those that have the guts and HUGE b_alls to try and make a dream a reality. I’m sure the CEO never did any of this with the intention of hurting people in the process. In fact, the CEO has probably devoted his blood, sweat and tears to make this a success and all with very little or no compensation…and his wife who is rich because she happened to get a job at Google…she’s probably hot, smart and now RICH!!! Good for her!!! Yeah you got very little notice…how do you think these startups are funded? I’m sure he would have loved to “give you ample notice” or pay your a severence pay…but he is using his own and his investor’s money to make this work!

    Rather than me explain the ABC’s of how the tech world or any business works…why don’t you find it within yourself to put your money where your mouth is and start your own company (since you seem to focus so much on what they did wrong) so you can see how easy it really is…then shoot me a comment back when you’re rich…I’ll be waiting…

    I’m sure you wouldn’t have written any of this if FUZZ hit it big and made you a sh_tload of $$$…lies, cheated, harrassment…come on now…stop whining

    1. Hi guy from Hawaii,

      why are you so angry at other people who write to this list? to each his own! People who lash out at people who dare to write their *own* opinion on a forum, don’t deserve angry, self-righteous response like yours.

      Can you be constructive?

      I’m sure that employee would love to have a rich spouse who would help them fund a start-up venture. Most people who work for start-ups have the drive and intelligence to start their own companies. Unfortunately, funding is in very short supply for most, and even the knowledge or connections…on how to get that funding. So, they hvae to either keep a day job or go work for other lucky founders of a start-up.

      Yeah, Google and getting rich is cool. No problems there. Some people do good things with their riches though, and think of the larger world…or at least think ahead, have a business plan, and make sure that before they start a company, that it will last.

      Think what 500,000 or a mill could do for a serious situation abroad. If i was a google billionaire i would probably open a free health care clinic in an area in need in Africa or elsewhere, staff it with doctors, etc. who want to work abroad, but need to be paid too…there are so few programs like this and they keep so many people alive…

      BIG PICTURE DUDE. Ever stop to think about it? there is life outside the “tech world” and the US business world.

      thank god for that.

      god bless you!

      (and get a therapist, lol 🙂

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