6 thoughts on “Blow by Blow: Why I went to South America to incubate my startup”

  1. This is a weak post. The gist of the article is that if you travel to South America, you should purchase your return ticket in advance. Worse yet, I clicked on the newScale link only to read copy ripped straight from eNormicon. Is that why the author’s bio reads suspiciously like a resume?}

  2. Hi Ellen,
    I would be interested to know more about newScale’s rip off of eNormicon. Can you share what copy you found that was cribbed?}

  3. I did look at it, but would be great to have an example of what’s cribbed. Just one if can. Or is it the tone you’re referring to?}

  4. Sanjiva:

    Thank you for sharing your Chilean startup experience with us! Off-shoring is becoming more popular as there seems to be less competition for limited investment dollars Stateside, at least in some market segments. I cross-linked to your post, along with some comment at http://blog.innovators-network.org The Innovators Network is dedicated to bringing technology to small businesses, entrepreneurs, intellectual property experts and venture capitalists. Please visit our community and help us grow.

    Best wishes for continued success,

    Anthony Kuhn
    Innovators Network}

  5. Thank you Anthony. We hope that our deliberations, as well as lessons learned (and applied) through the development of our venture can be useful to others in the community (beyond providing travel tips :)). We continue to have lots of challenges in front of us. I will share whatever I can, including mistakes that we have yet to make.

    Thanks also for the reference to the Innovator’s Network Blog. I will definitely spend more time on it. Besides sharing our experiences, there are questions we also seek. So I am sure it will help us.


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