4 thoughts on “TheFind Buys Glimpse: Now Startups Are Seeking Retail Therapy”

  1. MyShopPal.com (http://www.MyShopPal.com) started the beta for its intelligent shopping search engine for fashion goods. It is really neat recommendation/personalization engine to help people find what works for them. Could be a potential buying target for many comparison shopping websites: shopping.com, shopzilla.com, nexttag.com,etc.

  2. The size of their chart in hitwise (or quantcast.com, or compete.com) shows that glimpse.com wasn’t really gaining traction.

    Also, thefind gutted the site, and any subpage on glimpse.com takes you to a mirror image of thefind.com, on a seperate subdomain – glimpse.thefind.com.

    So, yes, they were bought to provide some marginal traffic or exposure (buzz perhaps because a lot of blogs have reposted the story, here, TC, etc)…however, long term, what did they purchase?

    Only buzz, from where I’m sitting…I guess it’s one way to get your attention here on gigaom 🙂

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