15 thoughts on “Boopsie Gives Mobile Search a Speed Boost”

  1. I use BOOPSIE every day, and I must say that it’s the BEST and EASIEST search program I have ever used on my phone – including Google and Microsoft. It’s amazing how fast it finds stuff by my typing so few letters. It’s so different, I love it.

  2. Jeff Nolan tipped me off to this cool app. I installed it and have been really enjoying the experience. On the Edge network it kicks butt. Curious how it works on slower connections as it appears to round trip on every key press when doing the “smart prefix” stuff.

  3. i always thought you need a think application to do this right. long timers might remember palm pqa/ avant go, etc who tried to do this. now that web services are omni-present for most web sites, this is an easier task than scraping html. they are on the right track.

  4. I’ve been happily using Boopsie for a few months, but when I read the first comment, above, I decided to give Google Search another chance. No comparison. Boopsie is amazingly fast. I search Wikipedia, Amazon, CitySearch, song lyrics, and more. Sports scores are fast to find and auto updated. Sometimes it seems Boopsie knows what I want to find before I do.

    Googlers – you owe it to yourself to give Boopsie a try.

  5. Just tried it out…And it works great. Wish there was a way to integrate it with a mobile web browser. That would be real cool.

  6. i was skeptical at first, downloading something to my phone, but i did it out of the urging of my boss who insisted the product was amazing, and i do like it. the citysearch link enough is well worth it.

  7. I recently got put onto boopsie by a friend. I don’t particularly like downloading apps to my phone, but seeing how fast it was on my friends phone I took the chance. Now I use it all the time. From seeing if my flight is on time with flightview to finding info on wikipedia.

  8. Boopsie makes my life so much easier. Being a new Blackberry owner, I love how simple it makes my searches. Definitely download this great application!

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