15 thoughts on “AOL Launches Mobile Search”

  1. HI thanks for this. I just tested it here in Germany and the search is the same as the old one. Is this US centric only or it there a special URL only for BETA testers.

    Any more would be greatly appreciated! bena

  2. Bena try it again. The new service went live at 8:00 Eastern.

    Farhan Memon
    Senior Product Manager
    AOL Search

  3. Farhan,

    Been testing your service. How about adding support for local address and real time GPS information.

    We have an ultra thin client for Windows Mobile (<200K) that allows you to do all of that in real time. All you need on the server side is Mod_Mobile (an 80K plug-in module).

    The beauty of this is that it would allow AOL to deliver local contextual ads based on GPS location rather than Zip code. Much more compelling and a much higher CPM

    You can find out more on our web site… http://www.5o9inc.com


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  5. No initial WAP support?! But that’s the only platform this makes any sense. Doesn’t all the iPhone love pretty much signal that the end of the mobile version of the web is nigh? This would have been a very good idea 5 years ago . . .

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