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  1. Nice write up and a good process. I’ll add another mental exercise that can be helpful to come up with new ideas that can be 2-20 years out. Simply take two trends and plot out the intersection. What happens when they come together?


    Wii virtual controller and the ubiquitous cell phone. What new services might be enabled if every phone was a virtual controller?

    Social Networking and Business Cards. Why do these worlds not intersect? They will – what will happen?}

  2. Hey Jeff – two good examples there. I know that there is a cell phone on the way which will shuffle your music playlist when you shake it, and http://www.moo.com do personal Flickr business cards! So that’s not a technique there.}

  3. Interesting article, Matt!

    Taking old ideas and revamping them does not necessarily means they will work, but the probability they will work and succeed are bigger than starting up a fresh new idea.

    I am a fan of original idea, but sometime I do like the fact old idea get some kind of twist and all suddenly you find yourself with a new value proposition that shake your world.

    Anyway, thanks for your input!}

  4. Nice Thoughts… Looking forward to hearing more about the Google-beater in a later post. With Google’s firepower it will be hard to displace them in the near term unless its truly original and you’re not interested in a buyout… Good luck & watch your back… RG}

  5. Hey Richard – thanks for the comment. Just wanted to add that it’ll take more than an algorithm to beat Google!}

  6. Sorry Jeff – just wrote “that’s not a technique there” when I meant “that’s a nice technique there”!}

  7. Hi Matt, Great thought process and verry insightful.
    I have always believed that Innovation can be nurtured in an organized environment and one can yield great results with organized thought process. However, personally i have found it very difficult to adhere to. Innovation is very tightly coupled with Chaos and putting any process around it may result in compromising the originality or newness.

    would be eager to know your thoughts on this.}

  8. Hi Dave, I totally agree that there some ideas which just fly out of nowhere, I try and build the chaos element in by feeding in random ideas which I see on the street or in totally unrelated corners of the Internet. This way I hope I still get the random connections that drive the chaos.

    Everyone uses different systems though, which helps us end up with different ideas.}

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