11 thoughts on “Classmates: Cashing In On Social Networking Hype”

  1. They seems to have missed the boat a bit even thought you their banner ads everywhere. Rushing to the IPO market might not be a good sign for those that come along after.

    But I can see why they do it now. Waiting longer will only deteriorate the brand while Facebook gets stronger.

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  3. While the future prospects are indeed debatable, you should point out in your article that Classmates generated approximately $25M in cash from operations in both 2005 and 2006 (prospectus, p. F-18), before the ‘hype’ of social networking really took off. That’s no small feat.

  4. The cool new thing is to NOT have a social networking account.

    My friends are now talking about how they have killed every social networking account they have. Nobody COOL still uses them.

    MySpace, Facebook, etc… There is no real value. What would happen if they all disappeared tomorrow? NOTHING.

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