10 thoughts on “Box.net Will Refocus on Business Users”

  1. Very wise move as with Google’s move into data storage for personal users, these guys will have to change their business models.

  2. The barrier all these online storage companies still face is access. The infrastructure will place an natural market cap on the number of possible users they can have – think of it as launching youtube in 1999. No matter how great it is, it’s just not possible to get millions of viewers on 28k modems.
    Similar story now in the age of GB sized files; it’s just not day-to-day practical to use online storage services…. in a mass market setting and even for most corporations. Hence this is a niche business at best, that could be snuffed out easily with the proliferation of cheap and easy on site personal data centers – the same way we’ve seen the recent proliferation of cheap portable hard drives.


  3. Box.net is very creative about adding services that will build value for business users. They are nimble and understand the space and will continue adding services that business users will access. Their user interface is flexible, inviting,friendly and easy on the eyes.- I suggest that you add it as a shared application to your Linkedin account and see for yourself – it is an awesome combination.

  4. So box.net seems like it would be a great solution for somebody like my CPA friend who has an accounting practice along with one other full-time CPA and one part-time accountant. They currently have about 30G of client data stored on an in-house server, which is backed up daily.

    The size of a daily back-up is relatively small, with the exception of tax season – say march1st to april 15th.

    She is considering having an outside company take copies of her backups weekly and store them in an off-site location (she currently takes her nightly backups home with her on tape). But a service like Box.net’s seems like it would be a convenient way to retrieve lost data, or to access data if their internal server were unavailable.

    What would you guys recommend?


    gary g

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