15 thoughts on “Microsoft Smartphone Confirmed?”

  1. Is there any other data that leads you to believe this is a Microsoft *branded* smartphone and not just another Microsoft *powered* smartphone (i.e. Windows Mobile)?

  2. Screensleuth. Microsoft branded hardware has always been great.

    I have the zune and in my eyes its a much better music player then my mp3 player. (itsa not selling due to no advertising and not being sold in europe)

    I also have a microsoft router which at the time had one of the best signal ranges . The 360 besides its red ring of death is a good console.

    Microsofts problem on most of its products is not the hardware but its Marketing of them.

  3. I love how all the apple fan boys can’t stand any other company to come out with products.These guys are so bigotted it is pitiful. You guys should be Part of the Main Stream Media,you are just as biased as they are. APPLE is not god and neither is your BO man so stop drinkin the kool aid dumbasses.

  4. I know have a in-law who is doing the hardware testing and simulations for the phone, its not a secret and yes it is a Microsoft brand phone.

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