13 thoughts on “Video: Internet Investor Brad Feld on Entrepreneurship, Startups & the New VC Reality”

  1. Entrepreneurship is a Lifelong Endeavor. good advice. 3 years from now I will be 15 years deep in my entrepreneurial endavors. Failure is an entrepreneurs tuition.

      1. Thank you Om. The interview with Brad Feld absolutely rocks, not merely because of the answers he gave but due in large part to the questions you posed! A lot of people don’t deeply understand the importance of posing the right questions. Om you are a guru with the refined art of asking the question(s)!

  2. @gigaom – your video implementation is horrible. I am originally from Denver and know Brad but I’m sitting in Beijing trying to watch the Brad Feld interview and it is incredibly choppy – so much so that it is painful to watch. Please dump the crappy video player / system you are using and get something competent that properly caches and streams, or even downloads.

  3. Om, great job you pulled some new “Gems” out of Brad. I interviewed him late last year, it’s condensed into four ~6-minute videos on my homepage at StartupTrek.net

    When Brad covered his four non-traditional investing themes in our interview, I told him “i’ve never met anyone that thinks like that!”. And boy, has it ever worked for him. He is a “Think Different” guy, for sure.

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